Agroterritori participa en la 2ona trobada del projecte COST sobre agricultura periurbana

2nd Working Group Meeting, ESAB Castelldefels (Barcelona), 12/03/2013 – 14/03/2013

Open session of presentation and discussion of urban agriculture models and stakeholders at the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona, on Tuesday 12th March.

The main objective of the Action, Urban agriculture Europe (UAE), started at Brussels on March of 2012, is to develop a common, specific and scientific approach to urban and peri-urban agriculture by European researchers and professionals, as a previous step for advising future development of Common Agrarian Policy by the European Commission. According to the Memorandum of Understanding of the approved Action, “Researchers and practitioners from different scientific and professional backgrounds are becoming increasingly aware in the importance of UA for facing the challenges -production of healthy food and sustainable development of resilient cities (Steel 2009) see MoU, p.3.-… Many of them have been trying to create scientific approaches on UA, taking for reason policy objectives or UA practices that are growing in many places in Europe, but these approaches are limited to a geographical area or to specific research disciplines.

COST Action UAE will be an important framework to transcend these borders. Creating definitions and approaches to UA that are shared by researchers and professionals from different background will open the field of UA for further research and stimulate the ideas of professionals for practical application in policy implementation, spatial planning and agriculture. This will help to fulfill the European economic, ecologic and societal need for healthy regional food, sustainable, resilient urban development und multifunctional urban landscapes and presents the possibility for Europe to take scientific leadership for UA in developed countries.” See MoU,p.7.

The subject of the session is to present significant samples and stakeholders opinions at the studied area; and the previous report of the Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) on the reference region to the Action working Groups.

COST ACTION Urban Agriculture Europe. 2nd Working group meeting. CAstelldefels. 12-14/03/2013

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